The Consulting part of ICN CONSULTING GROUP is adding HR aspects to the more functional oriented classic consulting approach based on the analysis of structures and processes within your company and thus focusing on the employees as decision makers with their abilities to influence current and future processes and structures

While the classic approach to management consulting concentrates on describing and changing only the current processes and structures as such, the ICN CONSULTING GROUP is focusing on the personal competencies of the managers and employees concerned.

Instead of recommendations on processes and structures we offer specific programs and workshops helping to overcome specific lacks in competence to be found in your company.

Taking into account the specific situation of your company, e.g. having to cope with change situations out of a merger, diversification, or just resulting from major changes in the business environment, we offer solutions like Competenc-
Performance Management
and Change Management, a combination of both or other HR-services like Management Coaching or Management Audits.

If you have any questions about our services please contact one of our local offices via e-mail or just give them a call


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