Executive Search Consulting

The search for top managers and specialists for us first of all always means the assistance in achieving the strategic bussiness targets of our clients, to help them staying or getting ahead of the competition. This is where our full knowledge, experience and engagement is directed to.

The Executive Search means the strong commitment to successful and systematic search on a national and international basis for new employees who are capable to strengthen our clients competitive position in their growing markets. 

Working for our clients we always strive to improve the given instruments to find and assess the ideal candidates. Thus we always use the latest approved technology On this basis we are able to provide the greatest possible security to your management descisions.


At the beginning of an assignment we consult with our clients. There after we approach the market and maintain regular contacts to provide information about the progress of the search. A professional research team has to identify the best candidates for your company. After being selected and contacted by the consultants the best candidates are being described by short lists and after feedback presented to the client. This interactive process helps us to constantly refine the requirements of the assignment

Our Executive Search Consulting services cover the following three areas:


America --  Australia -- Asia -- Europe