Direct Search

Defining the Requirement Profile in cooperation with client management

The profile is subdivided in a position and a candidate profile: The position profile describes the company and the position including its main tasks responsibilities and its link to the rest of the company. The candidate profile describes the qualification and personal criteria the ideal candidate should meet.

The folowing work is based upon on this requirement profile.

Creating the Target Company List

The creation of a target company list is based on profound knowledge of the specific client market and detailed industry information. The list contains all companies, in which suitable candidates are most likely to be found.

Performing the Research

Together with our client and on the basis of our many years of consulting experience we create the most success promising plan for a systematic direct search.

Our research team(s) transform this plan into action using their knowledge about appropriate target companies and their employees. If necessary we are backed by our network research partners worldwide.

Interviews and Confidential Reports

Candidates we have chosen during the process of research and sourcing. are being contacted confidentially. On conformity between requirement profile and qualifications, candidates will be invited to an interview.

The consultant assesses the candidates personality, competence, abilities, strengths and weaknesses in in-depth interviews. A major concern is the candidates motivation to move.

A summary of the results of this detailed evaluation will be presented to the client. The confidential report outlines a detailed picture of the selected candidates as basis for the decision to invite candidates to a presentation.


Each consultant and partner of ICN Management Consulting maintains permanent contact to decision-makers from industry, trade, bank and service sector. These relationships being established to clients as well as to candidates over the years have been the basis for an enormous database of potential candidates, a very valuable source helping us to find the ideal new employee for your company.


In order to promote the mutual understanding and to make sure that the concern of both parties are taken into consideration the consultant attends the first presentation meeting. Especially on international searches our consultants can put their knowledge of the special characteristics of different nationalities into play to assist in clarification and balancing the conversation.


References help to complete and ensure the total evaluation and are obtained when both sides have shown their ultimate willingness in working together.


The consultant can optionally assist as a 'neutral third person' to make it easier to overcome difficulties during the sensitive initial integration of the new executive into the company.


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