Advertisement based Search

Our advertisement service covers all conceptional and administrative work involved with an advertisement search and offers you a maximum of certainty. This service does not only cover the classic print based but also all types of multimedia advertisement concepts and placements.

On top of this you can use the Corporate Identity of the
I C N MANAGEMENT CONSULTING for covered advertisements.

Requirement Profile in cooperation with client management

  • The profile is subdivided in a position and a candidate profile:
  • The position profile describes the company and the position including its main tasks, responsibilities and its link to the rest of the company
  • The candidate profile describes the qualification and personal criteria the ideal candidate should meet.
  • Definition of target group and analysis of the personnel market situation.
  • Salary recommendation in line with real market.

Concept and Advertisement

  • Creating advertisement to address target group in accordance with client requirements.
  • Proposing suitable media including insertion dates, format and costs.
  • Placing the advertisement; media analysis.
  • Offering first information to applicants on request.
  • Checking qualifications, conditions and applicants' interests.
  • Expanding the applicant potential using existing contacts.

Analysis and Evaluation of Applicant Resumès

  • Checking the written resumés to see if they are complete.
  • Pre-evaluating applications by detailed analysis of period, position and curriculum vitae.

Interviews and Confidential Reports

  • Conducting structured job interviews using personality questionnaires.
  • Creating confidential reports.
  • Selecting the best candidates.


  • Attending the first presentation meeting.
  • Recommending employment of appropriate candidate.

References and Certificates

  • Inquiry of detailed references upon agreement with client and applicant.
  • If required, creating certificates describing the candidates or comparing evaluation.

Control of Success

  • Integration of the new employee, if required.
  • Contacting client and new employee to monitor performance during his trial period.

We do not consider our consulting services finalized until the hired candidate comes up to the practical requirements.


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