Who We Are

As a “Full Service Provider” our consulting approach is focused on identifying and engaging those employees, seen as being key players in growing and dynamic organisations within what is undoubtedly, an ever changing international business environment.

With more and more companies going “global” and markets gaining complexity day by day, the I C N NETWORK continues to grow alongside its clients.

Proud of its track record of successful assignment execution - managed by internationally experienced consultants concentrating on their local markets and specialist areas of industry or functional expertise, we are organised as a network of independent consultancies to provide consulting services, tailored specifically to the varying demands of our clients.

Specifically, the international dimension to our network provides proven and substantial experience and capabilities, in terms of our ability to offer a genuinely seamless, global solution to your recruitment and consulting needs.

Whatever your company’s needs, wherever you may be needing support, and whenever your issues involve your most important asset – your People, please come and talk to us.


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