Our People

The I C N NETWORK is based upon a partnership structure. This structure encourages (and incentivises) consultants to develop his / her own portfolio of clients – both locally in national and regional markets and globally, through the support and co-operation on assignments from the international ICN partners.

From a client perspective, the ICN Partner channel provides a single, dedicated point of contact and communication, through which supporting resource can be realised as necessary, via the international ICN network.

Our Members

All members of the I C N NETWORK have been chosen very carefully. They are all are experts in their chosen field(s), will have relevant, practical and detailed knowledge of your industry and as you work together, will get to know your business in every detail.

Client satisfaction is determined through effective and efficient assignment execution. All members manage their own businesses and are not therefore, accountable to external shareholders. Their interest therefore, is solely and specifically in supporting you, their clients.


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