Keys to Exellence

The I C N CONSULTANTS NETWORK distinguishes itself from competitors through relentless commitment to excellent work and by incorporating a number of key qualities into our organisation. These qualities are based on our special competencies resulting from many years of practical expierience and R&D work.


It has been an I C N tradition to approach clients and candidates to create a lasting and productive business relationship. Being a trusted advisor for more than just one assignment thus understanding our clients needs leads to optimal consulting results


Neither bureaucratically big nor inadequately small, we seek to be "all things to some people," ensuring that your project will not be hampered either by restrictive off-limits problems or by internal turf wars. As a matter of policy, we extend off-limits protection to all of our clients.


We have routinely invested in its improvement and expansion to track our ongoing relationships in industry. We have online access to every major database and information server in the industries we serve.


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