There are important cultural differences between countries even though they may not appear on the surface. For individuals, cultural diversity can be stimulating or threatening, provoking destabilisation and lack of motivation. For companies, it may open opportunities and create new strength, but it can also rise costs if not properly managed.

Today, it is extremely important to work on the human aspects in an international environment : detect, get to know, organise and manage efficiently the intercultural differences help to raise opportunities and clear potential problems.

IMS proposes different seminars in intercultural management with following principal objectives : stimulate intercultural sensitivity, learn to manage cultural differences and build-up common forces. Standard training programs can of course be adapted to your needs.

The general approach is interactive and systematic. The theoretical information is largely dispersed with practical experiences from the teacher and the participants.
The participants will learn to develop their intercultural competence, to detect and to manage cultural differences, to work and to manage in an intercultural environment as well as to adapt their behaviour.

IMS offers accompaniment of your teams during the internationalisation process of your local business or its integration into an international group.

IMS offers also coaching. Coaching, adapted and operational, allows a fast transformation of the theoretical information into practical implementation within the professional context of each participant. Coaching assures a long-term application of the acquired skills.

IMS can coach your employees in France and foreign countries.


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