The Company

I MS is a multicultural private company which operates principally within the European Union since 2001.

IMS has its headquarters near Paris, France. The company is managed by its founder Mr. Jan Philip Caulier.

Mr. Caulier followed different educational programmes in international commerce in Germany and at INSEAD and CEGOS in France. He holds an MBA of the International School of Management, New York.

Mr. Caulier is a German citizen, perfectly tri-lingual and multicultural (German, English, French). He left Germany at the age of 19 in order to work and study in Great Britain, South Africa, and the USA. He is living in France since 1985 and has ever since been active in West and East Europe, in Asia, Australia, the USA, Middle East and Africa.

IMS is a member and / or co-founder of :

IMS is a certified training organisation.

Available resources within the company are completed by a national and international network of partners


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