Our People

The I C N MANAGEMENT CONSULTING is based upon a partnership structure. Thus our consultants have a much higher economic interest in above averege consulting sucesses wich is in the sole sense of our clients. It also secures, that each of our clients has “his” Partner among the consultants as a personal solution provider.

Our Consultants

Our Consultants have been chosen very carefully. We all are experts and up-to-date on the trends and critical changes in your business. Together with his staff each of us manages his own individual business unit and is jointly accountable to you and to the firm for a job well done. As specialists, we all have more than 10 years of business experience with a focus solely on your industry and its needs.

Have a look at our consultants below:

Managing Directors

Dipl.-Kff. Brigitte Lang (Executive Search, Training)

Dipl.-Kfm. Ralf Niels Gerke (Executive Search, Management Consulting)


Dipl.-Bw. Günter Kotulla (Executive Search)

Dr. Alfred Wörner (Management Consulting, Management Audit)

Dipl.-Bw. Rainer Behrendt (Training, Management Coaching)

Dipl.-Bw. Sabiene Münch (Sales Trinaing, Executive Search)

Dipl.-Kff. Uschi Borchert (Training, Management Coaching)


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