Some organisations either cannot afford or do not need a full time HR Director but still have ‘people issues’ that need to be addressed. Often they are neglected due to lack of time and/or expertise. Unfortunately these issues rarely go away and more often than not they fester beneath the surface only to emerge at an inconvenient time or cause problems out of all proportion. Equally there are organisations which are well resourced with
    HR expertise but which need some external help and support.

Whichever applies to your organisation, help is at hand through the support we can offer. Our experience of dealing with HR issues across a wide range of business sectors and organisations could prove valuable in identifying and addressing those you face. We do not offer ‘off the shelf’ solutions and equally we will not recommend elaborate and costly solutions that are expensive to implement and maintain

Our approach is pragmatic and depends on gaining an insight into the client’s needs and understanding the issues they face. If the client has a preferred solution or approach, we can assist in evaluating that approach and add our ideas for resolving the issue. Alternatively we can act as additional temporary resource for a project on an ‘as required’ basis.

 A particular area of expertise is the development of strategies for major restructuring or complete closure of businesses. Sadly this is a fact of commercial life and no longer a rare event. Few management teams however have in-depth experience of closure programmes and expensive mistakes can be made even when the intentions are well meant. Having a well thought out strategy for dealing with the people issues can ease the pain of closure and remove some of the associated stress.

Our experience covers all aspects from initial planning, managing communications, guiding on the issues that inevitably arise and supporting all those involved in or affected by the closure or restructuring.

Recent strategic projects where we have provided support and guidance include: -


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