Evolving employment scenarios, as determined by bothchanging organisational philosophies and structural reorganisations, and dynamic economic conditions, seen in both times of growth and recession, give rise to;

Regardless of the precise circunstances, when execonfused and unsure. cutives need or wish to re-enter the market place they often find themselves confused and unsure. as executive search and selection professionals we understand the requirements of employers, the daunting task facing many executives when seeking new positions and the personal upset that can be associated with leaving an organisation.

We have, therefore, developed a specialist Career Management programme to assist these executives. We are retained by organisations that specifically wish to support departing executives in their readjustment and job search. The Career Management programme lasts approximately four weeks and is designed to 'position' executives to find employment in line with their aims and capabilities. We lead them through a process of acceptance, self-assesment, confidence building and looking forward. Our role is to help motivate, encourage and, as appropiate, modify their expectations in line with realistic possibilities.

There are eight primary elements to the Career Planning programme

While following a distinct programme, we emphasise flexibility so that we can respond to an executive's needs, or wishes. Our programme meetings are one-on-one, informal and positive, but business-like. We establish targets and follow-up accordingly but we cannot, of course, ensure that an executive will locate a job. Our work with executives is strictly confidential although we do provide clients with programme updates.


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